1. ECC Budgeting

First of all, your budget is taken care of automatically. Therefore, you don’t have to waste valuable time and energy on it

2. EPA Energy Star Reporting

And save time while improving report accuracy with ECC’s EPA data uploads

3. LEED Reporting

Either manually sorting and upload OR use ECC’s LEED reporting feature.

4. Transparency Laws Reporting 

Equally relevant, more efficient Transparency Law reporting equals reliable compliance and fewer fines with less effort involved.

5. Submeter Commissioning

Accurate submeter commissioning leads to improved reimbursement and decreased legal risks from leasing contracts.

6. Submeter Accounting

While using ECC submetering, invoices are generated automatically and reconciled to your accounting system, saving time, money, and more.

7. Energy Usage In Unoccupied Properties

Since ECC buildings don’t waste energy when they’re unoccupied, ECC decreases energy expenses. As a result, there are more satisfied clients.

8. Accounting & Reconciliations

In addition, ECC eliminates the occurrence of accounting accruals and the need for manual reconciliations.

9. Building Engineering

Most noteworthy, with ECC you get a great building engineer through the cloud. Therefore, your engineer is ready to resolve issues using analytics through a remote engineering dashboard. As a result, this system allows one engineer to take care of thousands of buildings automatically and remotely.

10. Eliminating Energy Waste

Lastly, buildings waste 30% of the energy used. As a result, ECC fixes that permanently utilizing an extensive ecosystem of energy saving solutions.

Most of all, at ECC, we’re passionate about saving building owners, property managers, etc. money on energy use. As a result, ECC is a machine when it comes to saving capital and energy and improving system performance and management.

For more information about how you can start saving money and energy by decreasing energy waste, contact ECC today at 804.355.1335