Still paying bills the old way?

Traditional invoice processing is slow, inefficient and riddled with costly mistakes.
ECC provides better utility bill management for commercial real estate.


20x Cost Reduction

Huge efficiency gain with online invoice capture, and electronic payments.

Actionable Data

Our systems quickly categorize every number on a utility bill, so your utility expense reporting is efficient and actionable.

Increased Profits

Eliminate unnecessary late fees and interest charges due to unclear statements and inaccurate invoice processing.

How it works

Automated Invoice Processing

Our patented process collects, scans, codes, analyzes, and pays utility bills automatically.

Data Collection

Paper invoices are indexed in a cloud-based reporting system. Every line item is defined and categorized. This is the foundation of the BillPay service. Once processed, you’ll be able to break apart utility usage expenses from late fees, taxes, and other fees.

With exhaustive attention to detail, we built our data collection system exclusively for the property management industry.



Do you know which buildings cost more to operate? Where is money flying out the door? The goal of benchmarking is to expose the most costly properties so you can identify the largest expense reduction opportunities.

Real-Time Reporting

Within a matter of hours of receiving a new utility invoice, your reporting system is automatically updated with the latest data.

Our goals: To identify costly anomalies immediately, reduce unnecessary fee expenses, and eliminate disconnection notices.

Limited Time Bonus

We’re giving away some of our most popular add-ons for free. Inquire today!

Auto Budget

Bring clarity & predictability
to your budgets

Energy Star Uploads

Save time & improve accuracy
with our EPA data upload


One simple report comparing your energy cost
per square foot for each building

You could be up and running in 14 days

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