ECC pinpoints waste & resolves the problem


The Energy Control Company

Energy reporting: there is no coherent platform, as evidenced by the seemingly endless number of energy vendors in the marketplace, promoting assorted systems and software. Much of it was designed by computer scientists, in a lab and detached from the day to day management and building operations. Owners are often guided into this complex field in search of:

• Reducing Operating Expenses

• Promoting Green Initiatives

• Complying with EPA mandates and municipal mandates

This is evident when walking through any building and seeing many independent energy control systems such as Siemens, Johnson Controls, Carrier, etc. that don’t work in concert with each other. A universal management platform is essential to properly controlling and coordinating a building’s systems. Without a disciplined tool, building systems revert to chaos, resulting in a significant amount of wasted energy.


Michael Scelzi, CEO

Michael Scelzi is the Chief Executive Officer of The Energy Control Company. His 28 years of experience enables him to constantly innovate ways to conserve energy using existing systems. He has a Bachelor’s of Engineering from Maritime College, NY, a Masters of Business Administration from the College of William and Mary as well as a master HVAC License and is a CEM – Certified Energy Manager. Mr. Scelzi holds multiple patents in the energy field, including energy analysis, electrical signature analysis, energy reporting and determining the insulating value of built structures. Mr. Scelzi is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of anticipating market needs and designing products to solve those market needs.


Executive Statement

The EPA states $60 billion in energy is wasted every year by the commercial and industrial sectors, building owners and tenants pay for this waste. Solving this market problem, though daunting, is achievable with the correct tools. The Energy Control Company (ECC) provides an enterprise-wide accounting and control system designed for results. ECC monitors energy, pinpoints waste and resolves the problem.

Recently, ECC was engaged to address the all too common problem of high utility expenses in a commercial office building. The tenants had some difficult reconciliations and simply put were shopping for cheaper office space. Embracing the challenge of self-improvement, our client listened to the tenant’s needs, and proactively sought out a solution. They found it in ECC.

ECC had recently installed its Submetering system in the client’s buildings. Part of this package included monitoring the main building electric meter. This real-time main meter data allowed ECC to monitor the building’s energy footprint for telltale signs of waste and within 14 days a $64,200 per year problem was identified. Once pinpointing the issue, ECC oversaw the correction of the problem utilizing the client’s existing systems and vendors, costing them very little monetary investment for the payback.

Even though ECC drastically decreased the client’s operating expenses, the apparent failure of the existing accounting system and energy management system to catch such excessive waste was concerning. Curious as to how this oversight could have occurred, and continues to occur in countless other similar commercial real estate companies, ECC did some research. The bottom line is that financial accounting and energy accounting are fundamentally different systems. Therefore the approach to managing energy must differ from that of finance. Commercial real estate firms utilize state of the art accounting systems but these systems lack real-time data analysis and the detailed engineering required to solve energy waste problems.

ECC’s Energy Accounting System and engineers are the complete answer to identifying and fixing energy waste problems that building owners never knew they had. Let The Energy Control Company do what we do best: monitor energy, pinpoint waste and resolve the problem.