Reads every 15 min


Average 1st Year ROI

Office Locations

2 min    Read meter
2 min    Enter data on Excel sheet
5 min    Get power bill for rates
2 min    Check bill/tenant invoices
4 min    Create invoices in excel
1 min    Send to PM for approval
2 min    Approval
5 min    Manually enter into accounting system
5 min    Mail invoice
5 min    Receive each submeter kWh for month
5 min    Enter on spreadsheet
1 min    Log into sustainability software
2 min    Manually enter each submeter usage
41 minutes

.5 min   All invoices on 1 report after validation

.5 min   Invoices uploaded to accounting system

0 min    Reports sent to owner

1 minute

Save time, money, and aggravation dealing with invoices

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