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In a recent IWR case study report of a 1986 built 4th floor commercial building, the Indoor Weather Report: HVAC Sensor calculated a $22,136 annual savings benefit at least. This same building also received an Energy Star Rating of 87 in 2016. In a case study done with the IWR: Lighting Report the system generated a 20% utility savings per year.

Find out how much any commercial building could save in operating expenses by optimizing Lighting and HVAC usage. Introducing the Indoor Weather Report. Built to monitor, and report energy overages then translate that waste into costs. Test your building(s) by generating a savings report based on national averages here. Should the results prove significant, we can create an in depth report to account for specific building rates.

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Buildings that currently operate under energy efficient practices may think they are operating efficiently due to a high 3rd party verification rating, such as the Energy Star Rating. Yet, often these buildings still may not have the means of attributing efficiency to savings. IWR gives buildings the ability to track energy optimization in areas of improvement that often go unnoticed and see how much can be saved in dollars per month.

The Indoor Weather Report system unlocks important building information for Property Managers, Office Managers, Sustainability Managers, Owners, etc. such as cost of overages in Lighting or HVAC. IWR optimizes the energy efficiency potential unique in each building. So whether a building was built in 2017 with a high energy rating the latest energy technology, or in 1970 with simple standard appliances and average ratings, the Indoor Weather Report can help optimize efficiency and save money by reducing operating expenses. 

Download: IWR Case Study_Lighting

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