Benefits of using the Indoor Weather Report


  • Asset Protection (Rooftop and Deli Shop – Outside)
  • Energy Management and Savings (Accounting – 4th Floor)
  • Water Damage Prevention (IT Room – 3rd Floor)
  • Comfortability and Productivity Index (Meeting Room – 2nd Floor and Bus Stop – Outside)
  • Building Alerts (Security – Ground Floor and Biker – Outside)


What could happen without IWR?


  • Potentially disastrous situations like….
    • Water Leaks
    • Building Damage
    • Wasted Energy
    • Wasted Money
    • Uncomfortable employees/customers
    • Constantly running around after getting notified of a problem when it’s already too late


Moral of this story?

  • Try the Indoor Weather Report in your building
  • We will even set you up for free for 30 days
  • Contact today!