The system currently used to consume and pay for energy is broken. It’s broken in a way that benefits energy providers, says Mike Scelzi, CEO at the Energy Control Company (ECC).

Each month, energy providers sends a bill with details summarizing the overall usages, fees, and payment dates. It’s a system that is slow, inflexible, and vague. In fact, it’s a system that creates $60 billion of wasted energy each year from commercial and industrial buildings alone.

ECC’s main mission is to provide a better solutions and more control for building owners. With 15 years of experience as an Engineer and now a CEO in the energy sector, Scelzi continues to develop innovative ways to manage utilities.

To date, Scelzi’s 11 patents assist with technology that gathers data, improves designs and processes, and applies automation to building management. These systemic improvements saves companies up to 50% on energy expenses. In total, this accumulates to millions of dollars in savings for some organizations.

“Building owners invest a lot of money for energy management systems, but many still lack feedback to show how the systems are actually working,” explains Scelzi. “ECC links those energy systems with building owners and provides automation, real-time reporting for more control, and measurements for optimal efficiency.”

In addition, ECC works with notable companies in the commercial real estate industry. These include Lingerfelt Commonwealth, CBRE, Jones Lang LaSalle, Thalhimer, and Colliers International.

In conclusion, the companies that partner with ECC see the following results;

  • 22 point average increase in Energy Star Score
  • Savings of $2.3 Million per year & 698% return on investment (Northeast)
  • Increase in submeter revenue by over $528,000 per year.

About ECC

Overall, ECC reduces operating expenses by up to 50%. It accomplishes this by reporting energy in real-time and providing automatic energy controls. The company’s Energy Accounting and Energy Controls Systems provides certainty for stock analysts, government reporting requirements, and loan providers. Lastly, ECC combines automated invoicing, data collection, benchmarking, and real-time reporting for a comprehensive solution that can be implemented in as little as 36 hours.

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