Accurate Energy Accounting

Accurate Energy Accounting

The Energy Control Company provides real-time energy monitoring, accounting and control solutions to identify and permanently eliminate energy waste in commercial buildings without disruption to tenants. Accurate energy accounting enables commercial buildings to:

• Reduce operating expenses

• Increase cash flow

• Create building value

• Use existing systems

• Empower property managers

• Establish energy accountability

ECC establishes an energy accounting architecture that provides stakeholders with a set of tools to measure and manage net energy across an organization. This approach provides the fundamental data required for intelligent business decisions. Real estate organizations need an accurate energy accounting system to enable management to evaluate energy use efficiently. By focusing on eliminating energy waste, organizations can effectively allocate capital to improve asset valuation and ultimately stock price.

Proven Process That Creates Value

ECC removes non-core energy loads and normalizes for weather and occupancy. The result is a true energy analysis per business unit. ECC first establishes an energy base-line, an energy base year, and then systematically removes energy which is not necessary to support operations – creating definable, concrete value that goes directly to the building owner.