Start Time Report: Calculates the HVAC start time of a building by analyzing, in real-time, the energy curve. The patented algorithm defines each specific building’s unique HVAC start time to achieve occupancy temperature.

BEW Report: Constantly analyzes the hourly Main Electric Meter data after lease hours, it removes all billable submeters and
creates a summary report.

True kW Report: Calculates the energy required to run a building. It removes all submeters and normalizes cost for weather. The result is the true operating expense for the owner/tenant.

Owner’s Net Energy Report: Summarizes the Main Electric Meter data, removes billable submeters, and ranks each building by owner’s cost per square foot.

Sprinkler/Cooling Tower Report: Immediately identifies leaks in each respective system and alerts the engineering staff.

Occupant Energy Report: Calculates the net operating cost per occupant: hourly, weekly and monthly.

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