Why risk a burst pipe after hours?

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Senses, stops and notifies personnel

Alarm acknowledgment and reporting via smartphone app.



Fulfill government water reporting requirements (EPA Energy Star).


Programmable controller with resident logic, completely configurable.



Works with all domestic water, chilled water and heating water systems.

Automatically stops leaks within 1 second

How does it work?

CyberValve uses advanced algorithms which are connected to ECC’s cloud. In the event of a flood, it automatically turns the water pressure off and sends an alarm within 1 second.

Does it shut off water to
the whole building?

There are many configurations available to fit each customer’s individual needs. Options range from whole building systems to a simple system to turn off one system.

Is it difficult to install?

Any licensed plumber can install CyberValve.


        • Compatible with all domestic water, chilled water and heating water systems

        • All components installed in a NEMA Enclosure, outdoor installation available upon ordering

        • Integrated manual override

        • Valve status lights Programmable controller with resident logic, completely configurable

        • Available with battery backup/solar for outdoor applications

        • System reports all water meter flow in 15 minute increments

        • Integrated cellular modem

        • Ability to report water consumption to EPA and/or government reporting requirements

        • Alarm acknowledgement and reporting via smart phone app

        • 110 Volt power supply with convenience outlet

• Ability to integrate and track sprinkler and cooling tower consumption as well as deduct
this from the domestic water main meter

        • Industrial construction for long durable life

        • Remote configuration and support

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